We are surrounded by a number of electronic devices at our home and this can create a problem for you if they might not work properly someday. In this case, one should know that how to check what exactly is the problem with the device and if it could be repaired by you in very less time than that would be great. We are going to talk about air conditioner without which we just cannot survive a single minute.

There can be two common problems which air conditions usually face:
1. Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Sufficiently Chilling Your Home: If your air conditioner is not cooling your home accordingly to its temperature while it is on then you may have a unit that is not assessed properly for your home. Remember your air conditioner should be assessing (sized) to possess your home according to the temperature it is set on.
The normal air conditioner should be capable to sustain a 20-25 degree temperature variance among the outdoor and indoor temperature. It means that your system is not aimed to possess 68 degrees while it is 95 degrees outside at your home.
2. Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling the Air: If your air conditioner is not cooling even it is turn on and the device is set properly then it is possible that your system might have dirty or blocked air condensed in it. Don’t worry; this problem can be solved by using following methods given below:
(i)Testing the outside unit and cleaning from one place to another and take out any remain or pick over that are hindering air circulation.
(ii)Assure that the filter is clean. Many times it is found that the filter is dirty and it freezes the coil and restricts the air to the evaporator coil. It is required to change the filter more often if you have pets at your home.

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