Electronic appliances

Electronic appliances are devices that work on electricity. Normally when the devices fail it’s due to breaking down of some component because of high current or high voltage passed through the terminal. So what to do when this problem occurs. Some electronic devices repair can be performed at home without any inconvenience to the owner.
Firstly if your device doesn’t work then check all the controls using a continuity tester which can be done very easily. For using a tester place the clip on the input side and the tester probe on the output side, then activate the controller, if the control is functioning properly, you will see its working when the tester glows or not. If there are variable controllers, it may be easier to use a mustimeter which will show the change in resistance also.
If you find a defective component or control in your electronic device, the prudent thing would be to replace the item and not try to repair it as it can cause further damage to your device by over usage. For replacing a control in your device, first look through the user manual for the type and grade of that component and if other components are allowed in its place or not. Go to an appliance store with manufacture and make of the appliance model and its serial number and the defective component, he will provide with its suitable replacement. Don’t try to fit any component or a lower grade component in your device, it can cause damage to your device e.g. if you use a switch with a higher amp rating than required it will cause your device to burn out. Also, faulty components are dangerous to the operator and his household too. Always perform double check on the components before buying so that they match the description as in the user manual.