Electronic device

What do you do when one of your precious and also extremely important electronic device fail to work. Call your handyman which may take loads of time and effort and also costs you a lot. With the amount of electronic devices we harbour every day, this can become a daily occurrence if we don’t learn how to repair some of these minor defects by ourselves. Let us guide through the basic repairing techniques for your household electronic gadgets, primarily electronic gas stove.
The initial step to check if your gas is not lighting up is to check whether the gas supply is on or not. If you have a gas line contact your supplier, and if you have a cylinder check yourself.
If the electronic ignition gas stove doesn’t light up, chances are the spilled sauce from last night’s dinner. It’s extremely important to clean these messes before it seeps inside the ignition and blocks the passage of gas. Use a tooth brush to clean the ignitor. It must a little ceramic nub located on the stovetop or under the ceramic steal plate. Make sure the ceramic steel plate is completely placed over the burner.
If the burner is not heating up what you can do is to remove the plug from the socket. Reconnect the plug and then wiggle the wire to see if it connects at any position. You can also bend the burner a little outwards to get a tighter connection if it feels loosely connected. Perform the steps gently or you may remove the socket completely.
If your gas pilot is not igniting, what you can do is after popping the lid from the backside, check if the pilot flame is out, and if yes clean the hole with a needle to remove the soot stuck in it. Also clean the tube that connects the burner to the pilot of any debris. Then try to light up the pilot again.