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For our regular heating, baking, cooking purposes we are accustomed to use ovens. So what happens when the said device breaks down? You can call a handyman if it’s a serious issue but if it’s a minor issue, you can try to fix it yourself. Ovens offer you a precise temperature and function control about what type of function you want to perform and at what temperature. A thermostat is present to control the upper and lower heating temperatures. Normally when the problem occurs, it occurs at main switch, thermal fuse or the heating element or the solenoid.
1) Main Switch servicing:- An oven’s main switch is an integral component in the working of an oven, sometimes all it needs is a thorough cleaning but other times you may have to replace the switch. If the need arises to replace the switch all you have to do is to remove the side panel and also the power cord for precaution, then check that contact points do not have pitting or discoloration, if the contact is not good clean them carefully with a sandpaper and an electrical contact cleaner spray. If you find the contacts to be broken or fused together, replace the main switch.
2) Thermal fuse servicing: – When the oven’s main switch overloads, then the thermal fuse heats up to break the contact point of electrical supply to the oven thus protecting the oven components from heating up. So if the main switch is not working, one of the cause could be heating up of the thermal switch. Check the thermal fuse to see if it’s properly connected and not an open circuit with a continuity tester or a multi-tester. Replace the thermal fuse if it’s already used once and has short-circuited, it cannot be used again.