Electronic devices

Some electronic devices have a fundamentally simple working concept which enables us to fix them when they stop working. Let us know about what to do when your toaster malfunctions. Toaster is a heating device which helps us to toast up bread in no time. Breakfast without toaster is unimaginable. In many homes, toasters malfunction more than any other small electronic device. There are two major reasons for that, one is that they are manufactured as a throw away device after some use and second is interference of food particles with the working of the toaster. Excess pieces of bread are caught at the bottom of the toaster obstructing the carriage movement and shorting the heating elements. Many toasters have a pop-out bottom, which should be cleaned once a month for precaution.
Common toaster problems include – latch problems, chassis problems, thermostat problems and the solenoid problems.

1) Latch problems: – Latch holds up bread and other food products in place to be heated properly, to clean and lubricate the latch, end panels have to be removed, then inspect the latch assembly, clean the latch area and move carriage up and down to see easy movement.
2) Chassis problems: – In most of the toasters, the whole mechanism is set up on the chassis. To examine chassis you will have to dismantle the whole toaster with end levers and screws. Also remove the power cord from the toaster.
3) Thermostat problems: – If your toaster doesn’t heat up properly or takes longer duration of time than before, it could be due to thermostat problems. To recalibrate the thermostat open the crumb cray cover from bottom, it has a knob for temperature control, fix that and replace the cover.
4) Solenoid problems: – solenoid is present at one of the toaster near the latch. Remove the end cover, check the solenoid for faultiness and replace if necessary.