Electronic devices

Electronic devices are a need of every day. Whatever we do on a daily basis are now aided and abetted by electronic devices. So what happens when one of these devices get broken disrupting your daily life. Let’s talk about one of those devices – Refrigerators. There are some simple fixes for your refrigerator problems relieving you from calling an expensive handyman putting a burden on your purse. There are 4 common problems of a fridge which are easily fixable – ice-maker problem, water leakage problem, cooling problem and noise problem.
1) Ice-maker problem: – If your ice-maker has started making smaller cubes of ice, the common problems could be either the inlet valve for ice got plugged with ice at low pressures, or the sadle valve which inputs water to the ice maker from the household water supply has got clogged, or the water inlet valve needs replacement. Check for all of the above and do the necessary repairing.
2) Water-leakage problem: – Fridges have water dispenser which outputs excess water from the fridge to outside, when it leaks that can cause puddles of water both inside and outside the fridge. Not only this, there’s a system in place for producing water in form condensation and melting of ice, when this system fails pools of water are created.
3) Cooling problem: – If your fridge has suddenly started losing cool and things are going bad, some common problems could be that electricity is not supplied to the fridge, or the thermostat and vents are not working properly and need to be changed, or the condenser coils have clogged, or the condenser fan is not free.
4) Noise problem:- If your fridge makes too much noise when opened, the compressor or motor in the fridge maybe malfunctioning, check those for replacement. Normally if it’s a compressor problem you will have to buy a new fridge but the motor can be replaced.