Every kitchen has a food mixer, at least every kitchen that sees cooking on a daily basis. They are used to blend ingredients together, to make pastes, to make cookies, cakes, muffins etc. Whenever a new couple sets up their household, someone is bound to give them a food mixer for their new beginning. It’s so versatile and easy to use.
Food mixers have a motor unit, which moves ingredients inside it. Their main components are the motors and gears in them. Gears are used to translate the motion of motors to opposite of the beaters motion. There is a speed controller present which varies the speed of the motor thus controlling the speed of the beaters. There are different types of food mixers – portable and stand mixers. Size of motor changes but the functionality remains same. So most problems of a food mixer revolve around the motors, gears and speed controller.
If your food mixer is showing problems it could be due to a faulty switch, speed controller problem or servicing gears.
1) How to repair a faulty switch – Switches can make a small appliance stop their operation easily. If you have checked the electricity supply, plug, next procedure is to check the switch. Then remove the housing of a switch from its base, then check if the terminals are properly connected to the switch of the appliance. Mark the terminals for their position, then use a multi-tester to test for continuity. After this, either replace the terminals or reconnect them.
2) Speed controller servicing – A speed controller controls the current to the motor which then controls the speed. Testers can be used to check continuity in the speed controller, if circuit is open then clean the contacts to improve its functionality. Or if the controller doesn’t work at all, consider replacing it with the same version.