Garbage disposal

Half of the repair calls are fixed with a no brainer like flipping of a switch or restarting the power supply. To save yourself from the unnecessary expense of calling a handyman when the problem can be resolved by self, we present you with some of the most common electronic devices problem that occur in a home and how to solve them.
1) Garbage disposal – Some garbage disposal work with an automatic feature, which when the chute is overloaded automatically cuts down the power. To a newbie, it may seem like the device has broken down due to overload but once you remove the load manually and then reset the device, the switch is present at the side, it works fine. On the other hand, if the device only makes a humming noise and does not spin that there must be something stuck inside. Pick up a wench, remove the base, find the obstacle and clean the chute.
2) Lights – If a light is not working, first check the main circuit board if a switch has not tipped due to overloading. If yes, flip on the switch and your lights will work fine after that. Also check the GFCI outlet before replacing your light bulbs, sometimes all the light circuits are connected to a GFCI outlet in a bathroom or somewhere. If not, then you need to replace the bulb. Firstly, disconnect the power supply to that bulb socket, if you don’t know the particular switch for the socket, disconnect power supply completely. Remove the light bulb gently by turning it in the socket, get a new bulb and insert it in the same way by turning it in the socket and pressing it on its end.
These simple fixes will enable you to handle your electronic devices with more care and caution. And if you know how to fix them, you decrease your chances of breaking them.