Hair Dryer

Repairing/fixing minor machines can be a stress-free mission, comprising hair dryer repair. The fixes of these small machines are comparatively easy because there’s nothing major that can go wrong. Here are steps that will help you to fix your beloved hair dryer. But before proceeding further one should identify the problem of the hair dryer.

How Can I Identify a Hair Dryer Problem?
If your hair dryer fails to work properly, here’s where to start eyeing at:
1. If the dryer doesn’t work at all, check the plug-in cable and assure that the power is on at the opening.
2. Still, if it doesn’t work, if necessary, take apart it to check the thermal safety switch and service. Moreover, examine the switches, heating element and motor with a multi-meter.
3. If in every single situation the fan doesn’t work then examine the fan switch and service if damaged.
4. If on every arrangement the dryer doesn’t heat, then examine the heat switch and service if required.
5. If the heat doesn’t work even if the fan is working then examine the heating element and switch and service if necessary.
6. If the fan doesn’t work even if the heat is working then examine the fan motor and speed switch and service if out of order.
In order to some all the above problems follow the steps given below:
Step 1 – Take apart/Disassembling
Firstly, using a screwdriver disassemble the hair dryer elements. This ought to be a matter of taking away some pairs of screws and then taking apart every part.
Step 2 – Dusting/Cleaning
If any dust found in or outside the dryer, remove/clean it. You can use an old toothbrush or cotton cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a small pipe to do this. Taking help from the vacuum, clean off the motor, switches, and fan. And taking help of the tweezers remove any hair that may be fixed somehow inside the dryer.
Step 3 – Examine the Heating Component
While checking the heating component, use extra caution as it is an easily broken part. If this part is not working properly then it is required to replace the whole dryer because it is almost impossible to only replace the heating component.

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